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How do I compile C++ in Terminal app on Mac.

First with a text editor saving on my desktop a file named as test.cpp.

Writing a few lines of code to welcome myself to c++.

Opening Terminal app and typing in cd desktop, on desktop is where the test.cpp is located.

cd Desktop

The [Enter] key must be pressed after the line is entered, actually each new line I must press [Enter] key.

g++ test.cpp

Press enter key on my keyboard.


Press [Enter] key on my keyboard, a file named as a.out automatically will be saved on the desktop.

Now as you see at the gif file below the "Hello Laurand Welcome to C++" text will be printed at Terminal app.

Let's say I want to make new changes to the code, I go back to my test.cpp writing new code and saving the file, each new changes I make I must save the code project.

g++ test.cpp


How to test c++ code with Terminal app on Mac
How do I test c++ code with Terminal app on Mac.

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