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How Do I create iOS and Android app with React Native.

Using React Native to develop apps for developers with experience based on JavaScript and React. It is super easy, for more information click here a framework for building native apps with React Native.

First I must have Installed on my machine, Xode, Android Studio and Node, node comes with npm.

Getting started by opening Terminal and and typing in react-native init LaurandTestApp, "LaurandTestApp" is the name of my app project.

react-native init LaurandTestApp

It took me few minutes for the terminal to complete the installation.

cd LaurandTestApp is the directory of my project.

cd LaurandTestApp

Testing the app, react-native run-ios, or react-native run-android for the android app.

react-native run-ios

Building App
React-Native app.

Terminal has completed the installation, however I have a simple project app, now i'm going to make new changes.

Editing app.
Editing the app.

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